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July 1, 2023



Turn Your Restaurant Know-How into Success _ Growth by Billy Pham





Many people dream of owning a restaurant. Yes, you can open a restaurant with know-how. Through the book, you will understand that to be successful, know-how is not enough. You need to have a burning desire, the virtues of persistence, and the time to see things through. From the experiences of the author and also lessons to learn from successful restaurateurs, You will learn how to build your restaurant at the least cost, how to choose your location, how to build your kitchen, how to pick up your personals, and how a simple menu is effecting your business. You will understand that if done correctly, a restaurant business can also generate as much money as a high-tech company.

You also learn the lesson from Sophie Lee, the first person to read the book and opened her own restaurant. Sophie is successful. Now it is your turn.

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